marcus grant

- visual designer, web developer
- madison, wi

- call 262-421-5780

i am an innovator who creates startups and assists them to be successful with robust ninja coding, crowd attracting design, well researched ideas, growth & sustainability and seed funding.

what i can do

startup companies
- from concept to build to market to sustained growth to funding

- simple mobile friendly web sites
- mobile apps and web applications

- ui design for mobile and web
- illustration and graphic design
- branding
- print

business building
- putting businesses online
- ui design, illustration, graphic design, branding and print
- online networking
- optimization of code, design, seo
- analytics
- web stores
- mobile apps

relevant experience

~~ pionezero ~~
visual designer, web developer
madison, wi
2005 - present

startup companies:
- concept development
- the build (design and coding)
- to market
- seed funding
- growth & sustainability

coding projects I typically do include:
- front end responsive coding for smart device friendly web sites, made from scratch based on client ui/ux needs using css3, sass, html5, jquery, angularjs and bootstrap v4
- front end coding for hybrid mobile app development
- front end coding for web applications
- i partner with a team of very talented full stack back end developers from india .. we can create any mobile app (native language and hybrid) or web application you want on any scale, from small to startup
- building up bare bones web site and web store templates in content management systems (cms) like big cartel and others
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design projects i do include:
- ui design for web and web applications
- mobile app ui design
- illustration and graphic design
- ui/ux
- branding
- information design
- print
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ways i create business friendly environments include:
- responsive design coding for smart devices
- mobile apps
- store building with platforms like big cartel and others
- beautiful ui design, illustration, graphic design, branding and print
- optimizing code (speed and function)
- optimizing design (ui/ux)
- optimizing search engine placement (link structure, social media and much more)
- traffic tracking and analysis with google analytics
- social media networking

~~ art asia gallery ~~
sales associate and gallery docent
third ward, milwaukee, wi

- sales of rare and valuable buddhist and indigenous art from asia (china, tibet), ranging from buddha and bodhisattva statuary and art, jewelry, furniture, paintings, clothing and tapestry, pottery and many other fascinating items.
- functioned as gallery docent to answer questions on asian art, particularly buddhist

~~ artist ~~
1998 - present

- photography and fashion modeling photography
- illustration (graphite, computer)
- print (oil pastels, soft pastels, mixed media and computer)


university of wisconsin at madison
madison, wi
majors: physics, art
minor: asian culture

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